Develop Personal Insights

Develop Personal Insights is a portfolio of six short courses which helps people to develop the necessary self-awareness, focus and confidence to be more effective at work. Each course is available independently or as part of a larger customised programme with more modules.

1 Know your strengths

2 Get more creative

3 Manage emotions in the workplace

4 Define your personal brand

5 Accelerate your learning

6 Plan next career steps


  1. Know your strengths


Understanding what you are good at, and focusing on using your talents, is the most effective way to achieve your best at work. In this short course, you will:

  • reflect on what makes you the person are
  • list your key strengths and talents
  • understand how to use your strengths and talents in your current role
  • investigate when strengths may become a weakness
  • develop a greater appreciation for others’ strengths and talents
  • know how to best match your skills to others in a team setting


At the end of this course, you will:

  • know yourself better and feel more confidence in your strengths
  • understand how to prioritise your efforts to achieve the best in your current role
  • have insights into when your strengths may become a ‘weakness’
  • use strategies which deploy your strengths with others to collaborate better

For information on this or our other Develop Personal Insights courses, please contact us at [email protected]