Drive Performance

Drive Performance is a suite of six short courses which help people to develop the leadership skills to motivate and manage others to perform better. Each course is available independently or as part of a larger customised programme with more modules.

1 Give and get feedback

2 Delegate to optimise performance

3 Coach and mentor others to achieve more

4 Facilitate dynamic learning events

5 Deliver engaging webinars

6 Lead virtual teams effectively


  1. Give and get feedback


Perhaps the most important soft skills is feedback. Getting feedback is a ways of confirming if your way of collaborating is seen as motivating and effective by others, and the conversation to agree ways to improve. Giving feedback is an essential management tool to enable others to develop themselves and their performance. In this short course, you will learn:

  • the difference between constructive and destructive feedback
  • what makes giving and getting feedback difficult at work
  • techniques to ask for feedback in an effective way
  • a process to give feedback in an engaging and motivating way
  • how to foster a feedback climate in your team and workplace


At the end of this course, you will:

  • understand when and when not to give feedback
  • be more confident and able to ask for constructive feedback, and act on it
  • more proactively and positively give feedback which helps others to perform better
  • be able to offer better advice and insights to people improve their performance and career

For information on this or our other Drive Performance courses, please contact us at [email protected]