Increase Collaboration

Increase Collaboration is a suite of six short courses which helps people to develop the skills to cooperate and engage with others more powerfully across cultures, helping them to collaborate more effectively to achieve more at work. Each course is available independently or as part of a larger customised programme with more modules.

1 Build trusting relationships

2 Motivate others

3 Build a high performing team

4 Create an effective international network

5 Grow your intercultural intelligence

6 Handle difficult people effectively


  1. Build powerful relationships


Good relationships are the foundation of a strong team and a high performing organisation. In this course, you will develop:   

  • a greater understanding of the connection between relationships and results
  • the skills and motivation to build better relationships at work
  • insights into the challenges of building relationships across cultures
  • a deeper appreciation of how others see you
  • conversation skills to manage small talk and dialogue more effectively
  • thinking skills to help you appreciate diversity as an opportunity


At the end of this course, you will:

  • be better able to have more engaging conversations with other people
  • have greater flexibility to build relationships in diverse cultural settings
  • listen more effectively, as a basis for engaging others
  • have better strategies to manage the stakeholders significant in your role

For information on this or our other Increase Collaboration courses, please contact us at [email protected]