International Teams

High performing international team workshops

York Associates has a long experience of supporting international teams and project teams by:

  • running international team building sessions
  • facilitating international project kick-off meetings supporting (project) team review meetings
  • mediating team conflicts
  • keynote speaking at senior leadership team events

For team building, we integrate the internationally-recognised Team Management Profile from TMSDI. The Team Management Profile is a psychometric tool used worldwide for teambuilding and to find ways to increase individual performance in a dynamic workshop process. Many of our team interventions can be delivered in one-day workshops and integrate individual feedback sessions.

Developing the team

The ‘Team Wheel’ model allows international teams to identify strengths and development areas, and to focus their energies on essential cross-border tasks.

Developing the individual

A validated psychometric profile which helps individuals to understand their own preferences and competences for international teamwork.


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