Training in 4 dimensions

Training in 4 Dimensions

Better communication brings better results. It’s that simple.

At York Associates we aim to live our belief that successful business depends on authentic and meaningful relationships. And successful relationships wouldn’t be possible without successful communication. An added complexity is when people come from different places and speak different languages.

Our unique and industry-leading approach integrates 4 dimensions into its language and international communication training – English, professional communication, intercultural and international collaboration skills.

We offer a range of courses which focus on these dimensions in different ways – some courses more on language, some more on collaboration. The course key below the course descriptions on each page of our website helps clients choose a learning solution which is customised to their specific learning and professional needs.

  • English language training gives clients the words and structures to speak fluently and confidently.
  • Professional communication training gives clients the skills to present, take part in meetings and to negotiate.
  • Intercultural skills help people to understand and manage cross-border diversity.
  • International collaboration skills help people to work more effectively together.

Please complete the relevant booking form on each course page or contact us to discuss your needs. We look forward to welcoming you on our courses.

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