Brexit: 3 reasons why we’re voting Remain

We will be voting to stay in the EU in tomorrow’s Brexit referendum, and here are three reasons why:

Firstly, it is our core market. Our staff and clients must be able to travel freely around the EU and to and from the UK. If we left the EU, we are concerned what impact there would be on this freedom of movement.

Secondly, many of our clients come to York with the help of EU Erasmus+ funding. Incidentally, schools and educational institutions all over the UK can also benefit from this funding programme for professional development training abroad in other EU countries. In addition, we tender for EU work. In total this is worth £250,000 per annum in revenue and could be lost if the UK left the EU.

Finally, we are an outward-looking company. We are most concerned about the long-term damage that support for leaving the EU, negative attitudes to international students and migrants, and the potential break-up of the UK is having on how the UK is viewed. Great Britain is indeed likely to become ‘Little Britain’ if we are not careful.

This post first appeared on the Institute of Directors website.

Fiona Mee
Director, York Associates

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