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Grow your intercultural intelligence

Develop new strategies to handle cultural diversity more effectively, focusing on the opportunities in difference rather than the challenges

This webinar is for business and academic professionals. However, we plan future webinars for training and coaching professionals.

You will learn:

About the speakers

A portrait shot of York Associated Director Bob Dignen

Bob Dignen

Bob Dignen is a coach, trainer and author in the field of international leadership development. He has worked with a range of international clients for over twenty years and delivered support to leaders globally. He specialises in international leadership coaching to those in C-suite succession and senior executive talent pools, and to leaders of international projects. His work also includes running programmes on the topic of international collaboration and the running of international team-building sessions.

Andrew Leal

Andy Leal

Andy Leal has been working as a trainer, coach and facilitator in the fields of leadership development, communication, intercultural competence and language training for over thirty years. As the owner and managing director of O’CONNOR Training he combines this development experience with first-hand expertise in the areas of leadership, management and customer relations. He specialises in supporting trainees with their personal challenges and in developing their international people skills in order to improve their performance in the workplace.

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