The York Associates Team

Sean LeGault, Claret Group CEO

Sean LeGault

Claret Group CEO

Sean is the CEO of the Claret Group, a group of companies with a portfolio of training companies in the...


Bob Dignen


Bob has worked in the field of business and specialist English and international communication training for over twenty-five years. He...


Nicky Pirożek

Senior Trainer

Nicky Pirożek is senior trainer at York Associates with more than twenty-five years’ experience. She has worked extensively in Europe...

Linda Cockburn, Associate Trainer

Linda Cockburn

Associate Trainer

Linda Cockburn is a business English and communication skills trainer. She worked in France for 21 years and has been...

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Andrea Street

Associate Trainer

Andrea is an English Language, Business and Soft Skills trainer specialising in helping international professionals improve their English Communication skills...

Martin Bloomfield, Associate Trainer

Martin Bloomfield

Associate Trainer

Martin Bloomfield is a trainer, teacher, facilitator, teacher trainer, and consultant in international communication skills, dyslexia awareness, autism awareness, ethics,...

Christine Stone, Associate Trainer

Christine Stone

Associate Trainer

Business and specialist English and international communication trainer, teacher trainer, coach, 25 years + international experience (eg. France, Japan), French...

David Wilson, Associate Trainer

David Wilson

Associate Trainer

David Wilson is a training consultant, trainer and coach in the field of professional language and communication skills. He also...


Stephen Harker

Associate Trainer

Stephen Harker is a trainer at York Associates with more than 20 years’ experience. He has worked extensively in China...

peter zoeftig

Peter Zoeftig, Associate Trainer

Associate Trainer

Peter has extensive experience in training and coaching across numerous industries and sectors, drawing on over 25 years of experience...


Katy McDonald

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Katy is committed to upholding the highest standards in administrative processes and safety measures, contributing to...

Stefanie Anzinger, Sales Office (Germany)

Stefanie Anzinger

Sales Office (Germany)

Stefanie has a wealth of experience in guiding participants to find the most suitable courses tailored to their needs. German...

Linda Simi, Operations Coordinator

Linda Simi

Risk & Compliance Coordinator

Linda is an experienced Risk and Compliance Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the tourism, professional training &...


Maeva Nnaka

Digital Marketing Officer

Maeva is the Digital Marketing Officer at York Associates. She has a wealth of experience developing and executing digital marketing...


Cameron Schmid

Administrative Assistant

Cameron is an Administrative Assistant at York Associates. He is regularly involved in organising social events for participants. Drawing on...

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